The Homestead
Programmes for Street Children

"Deep within that angry, dirty, glue-sniffing street child is a teacher, businessman, father, husband, a success story, waiting to be set free"

What is Homestead?

At the Homestead we chip away at all the dirt, pain and anger that defines the chronically neglected street child we work with, until eventually, the sculpture within, the beautiful unique child is revealed, healed, educated, developed and given an empowered future away from the street.


The Homestead has a number of different programmes that together provide a comprehensive response to the plight of children living, working and begging on the street.

Prevention & Early Intervention
Early Intervention and Protection involves formal intervention and support projects keeping chronically neglected, physically and mentally abused, and street vulnerable children, in Street Children Communities-of-origin at home, in school and away from street life.
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Street Outreach
The Street Outreach programme is for children living, working and begging on the street
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The Bridge CYCC
The Bridge CYCC involves therapeutic residential care and development for 65 Boys Aged 7 to 17.
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The Launchpad Youth Transitional Project
The LaunchPad Youth Transition Project involves transitional residential care for youth aged 15 to 21 who are preparing to leave care, return home or move on to independent living
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You can make a difference

Nelson Mandela invited the Homestead children to meet with him when he was president.

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