The Homestead Projects for Street Children

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved
until I set him free” Michelangelo

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The Homestead chips away at all the dirt, pain and anger that define the chronically neglected street children we work with, until eventually the sculpture within, the beautiful unique, healed child is revealed.
It’s not about basic street-level services, or about holding difficult children. The Homestead works with a purpose to develop and educate these children; to put the trauma of their past aside; and to ensure they have an empowered future.

Homestead Projects

A) Prevention and Early Intervention Projects in Valhalla Park, Manenberg, Town Two and Site C Khayelitsha help to keep vulnerable, chronically neglected and abused children away from street life.

B) Street Outreach and Drop-in Centre works tirelessly to identify, assist and get children off the street and settled in care or back with their families.

C) Residential-Care Projects include a  Shelter for 65 boys and a Transitional Programme for 25 youth preparing to leave care. These work with over 160 street children a year helping them to stabilise children away from the street, deal with substance abuse, behaviour and trauma isssues, educate and develop them away from street life and towards an empowered future away from street life. 

Homestead Projects

Want to help change the world? You’re not alone. Join a volunteer chapter today. The world needs you to change the lives of the less fortunate.

The Homestead receives a 45% subsidy from the  provincial government that covers much of our salary and administration cost.  This ensures that your donation goes directly to supporting street and vulnerable children. 
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The Homestead is a secular community driven and non-profit organisation with partnerships throughout the world.  These include the Western Cape Department of Social Development, the National Lotteries Foundation, The Dame Hilary Cropper Foundation (UK) and many other local and international businesses, community bodies, religious organisations and donors.  Become a Homestead partner and make a real difference to the children living, working and begging on the street.