The Homestead has highly specialised and dedicated volunteers who add immense value to the organisation.  All long term volunteers have to be cleared via the Child protection system.


What they do:

  • Teach children to read and write

  • Help with job creation and sales

  • Drive huge programmes/fundraisers such as our Sponsorship Education Fund

  • Fix computers and repaint the facilities

  • Organise Christmas and birthday parties

  • Teach children to swim 

  • Collect funds to buy new clothes 

Due to strict legislation

We cannot:

  • accommodate volunteer tourism in our specialised therapeutic care units. 

  • accommodate exceptional large groups or any unsupervised interaction with the children in our care without the appropriate checks having been completed.

  • accept short term volunteer placements unless it’s for a specific purpose, a special event or to help with a specific task. 

  • accept volunteer placements for less than 3 months unless it’s a special once-off or supervised groups or individuals.

Local Volunteering

Before becoming a local volunteer, consider the following:

  • Continuity of service to build a relationship with the children. 

  • Local volunteers are valued especially in the evening and on weekends, but any time outside of school hours. 

  • Activities include  reading to the boys, soccer coaching and practice, sports coaching of any kind, dance, drama, music, computers – any of the things that stimulate a child and help to develop self-esteem and confidence.

  • Volunteers with skills in counselling, youth work, child care and relationship building are welcomed but not essential skills. 

  • Most important is a commitment to maintain a lasting and caring  relationship with the children who in turn will learn to value themselves and find a sense of belonging.

  • Volunteers who are emotionally balanced, sensible, able to maintain strong adult boundaries, and have a sense of humour tend to cope best with the work circumstances we offer.

Foreign Volunteers

The Homestead welcomes and values foreign volunteers. 

Requirements include:

  • A minimum commitment of three months.  (Only in special circumstances will we consider a shorter placement).

  • All foreign volunteers must be over 21, provide a certified copy of their passport as well as a police clearance certificate from their country that clearly states that there is no reason why they should not be allowed to work with children.

We are not able to provide airfares, accommodation, transport or any form of payment for foreign volunteers. What we can provide is a chance to learn about another country and its diverse cultures, and an opportunity to help disadvantaged children to rebuild their lives.

Once-Off Projects

We also need help with once-off projects which can include:

  • a group of friends getting together to paint a room, 

  • putting up gutters and fixing cupboards, 

  • arranging a special outing or to plant the garden in Khayelitsha with shrubs, flowers and vegetables.

Application Requirements

  • Short CV and two contactable referees

  • The completed volunteer application form

  • Certified copy of your ID

  • Complete CPR form (Obtainable from the Homestead).

  • Signed affidavit  stating that there is no reason why you should not be allowed to work with children.


Download and print the PDF version of the Volunteering Application Form and fax it to us on 021 419 2600 

OR scan and email it to