The Homestead: Prevention and Early Intervention Assistant Manager (Senior Social Worker)

Position Advertised:  PEI Assistant Manager (Senior Social Worker)

Closing Date:  24 October 2023
Expected Start Date: Immediately
Remuneration: R22 000 per month (gross), plus provident fund.


The Homestead Projects for Street Children successfully transitions abused and neglected children
away from the street, back home or onto successful independent living through a holistic set of
prevention, outreach, stabilisation, residential care, family reunification and youth transitional
programmes. The Homestead works with chronically neglected, abused, and abandoned children as
well as with children living, working and begging on the street.
The Homestead seeks to appoint a qualified and SACSSP registered Assistant Manager (Senior Social
Worker with 5 years min experience) to be based at our Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)
Drop-in Centres in Khayelitsha and Manenberg, to oversee staff, programme delivery, operations and
reporting requirements.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • ● Manage and oversee operations of the PEI programme at 3 centres (Khayelitsha Town Two
    DIC and Khayelitsha Early Intervention Centre Site C and Manenberg DIC) to ensure Drop-in
    Centre basic needs services are implemented as per the norms and standards (provision of
    food, school attendance support, assistance with personal hygiene and laundry services)
    ● Manage Social Workers and staff to ensure all life skills programmes, therapeutic support,
    family preservation services, group work, holiday programmes, school support and
    recreational activities are facilitated as per quarterly and annual targets
    ● Support the staff with regard to programme delivery challenges by troubleshooting,
    providing solutions and responding to emergencies
    ● Responsible for creating a safe, nurturing and trusting environment for the children at the
    DICs through, being non-judgmental, open communication, and showing care and concern
    ● Responsible for ensuring a high standard of care and protection of children’s rights as
    stipulated in the Children’s Act, the UN Rights of the Child and other relevant legislation
    ● Manage the Programme Coordinator, and ensure that orders are placed within the
    operations budget for all required groceries, hygiene products, school uniforms, cleaning
    materials and stationery
    ● Ensure the DICs have enough materials and equipment for effective functioning and
    adequately meet the needs of the children
    ● Responsible for all the maintenance of the centres to ensure everything is in working order
    ● Involved in ad-hoc duties such as organising camps, holiday programmes, liaising with the
    public etc.
    ● Write and submit accurate monthly progress reports to Director
    ● Write and submit accurate quarterly progress reports and registers for DSD
    ● Refer children to statutory services and other external resources when necessary.
    ● Establish and maintain partnerships with relevant stakeholders
    ● Participate in monthly manager’s meetings

Minimum Requirements

  •  reliable, and able to work independently in the field and as part of a highly motivated team.
  • ● Bilingual, fluency (written and spoken) in English and Afrikaans
  • ● Drivers licence essential
    ● Degree in Social Work with at least 5 years of post-qualification experience
    ● Registered with SACSSP and proof of payment annual SACSSP registration for 2023
    ● Computer literacy Microsoft (Word, Excel, email, social media and the web)
    ● Willingness to complete a pre-employment polygraph examination, as well as undergo
    in-depth reference and psychometric checks.
    ● Willingness to undergo screening to confirm that your name does not appear on the Child
    Protection register and that there is no reason why you cannot work with children.
    ● High-energy individual with a drive for detail, reliable, and able to work independently in the
    field and motivate a team.

To apply, please submit a motivation letter, CV with two recent and contactable references, proof of
relevant qualifications and SACSSP registration to:
For more about Homestead Projects for Street Children, refer to