About Us

The Homestead is a Non-Profit Organisation established in 1982 to care and support children who are from the streets. Due to extreme family environments children either live in adverse and extreme realities or end up living, begging, or working in the streets. We have a Prevention and Early Intervention Programme where children receive psycho-social and developmental support and a chance to have normal growth. Placement of children in residential facilities is the last resort.

Every child has a right to family or parental care, in the absence of such a proper alternative is provided. The Homestead has two Child and Youth Care Centres, the Bridge CYCC in Khayelitsha and LaunchPad Transitional CYCC in Observatory, caring for boys and youth until they realise their full potential.

To reduce and prevent the risk of children ending up in the streets, the Homestead has five Prevention and Early Intervention Programme centres (also known as Drop-in- Centres). The programme fosters positive development of children living in dysfunctional family environments or exposed to harmful experiences that hinder normal growth. It is intrinsic in our intervention that all staff working with our children are trained.

Homestead Vision

It is the Homestead’s vision that no child should live, work or beg on the streets of Cape Town and that every child should live in a community with a family.

Homestead Mission

To help street children reconstruct their shattered lives, and to provide prevention and early intervention services to children and families in disadvantaged communities

Our Values

  • Child-centred approach-promote best interests of the child
  • Empowerment and agency; build knowledge and confidence of beneficiaries to drive change
  • Collaboration and partnership; maximise impact partnering with best practices
Homestead is a child-centred organisation that prioritises and promotes the best interests of the child. To maximise the impact of our work we prioritise collaboration and partnerships with other best practices in the sector.
Successful NGOs constantly review their efficiency, relevance and impact through adopting a learning culture that refines approaches to best serve the needs of our beneficiaries. We adopt a culture of openness, transparency and participation in our work for maximum impact.

Our Approach

We provide rehabilitation, healing, and continuous development for children from the streets and early intervention and prevention of harm for vulnerable children from the community.

The Homestead CYCCs focus on using a non-judgemental approach, and a belief that each child has the potential to make lasting changes. We embrace and teach diversity, and accept and cater for children from all races, gender identities, nationalities, and religions.

The Homestead is unique in that it has a programme specifically focused on assisting youth to transition out of a CYCC. Our youth are equipped with independent living skills, personal interests, social networks, and maturity they are to succeed. Youth in care need a less institutional environments within which they can take more personal responsibility, help manage their daily lives, complete their schooling and developing work, tertiary study, extra mural, and community-work experience The Homestead also provides ongoing after care support for youth who moved out of the CYCC.

We work directly with parents of vulnerable children to rebuild their community and prevent long rooted problems that may led to the children willingly or forcibly leaving their homes.

Our Theory of Change

The Homestead Theory of Change is based on the understanding of the change expected for our children and youth and how this change can be facilitated to foster healing and growth. It promotes tailor-made interventions that specifically address the needs of a child holistically. The Homestead Theory of Change

Our Team


Maria Sikaundi
Executive Director & Acting Operations Manager


Liezl Smit
LaunchPad CYCC Programme Manager

Nozuko Nothwanya
PEI Programme Manager

Zibele Qwemesha
The Bridge CYCC Programme Manager

Lindani Mzamo
Finance Manager


Nura Patel
Accounts Admin

Our Footprint

The location of our projects span across the following areas:
  • The Bridge CYCC: Dyani Crescent, D Section, Khayelitsha
  • Launchpad CYCC: 237 Lower Main Road, Observatory
  • Drop-in Centers: Valhalla Park, Manenberg, Woodstock, Site C Khayelitsha, Town Two Khayelitsha

Make a difference today.

About Maria

Maria Sikaundi is passionate about empowering marginalised groups through community, literacy and education to be able to give the vulnerable resources to take charge of their own lives and meet their needs and goals. Maria is a seasoned leader with over 10 years of senior management experience Most recently, she was the District Manager at IkamvaYouth where she gained invaluable experience in the education sector and afterschool space working on engaging strategic partners and mobilising resources and stakeholders, to manage and oversee the implementation of the programmes. Prior to that, she worked as a Management Consultant for niche strategy firms in Johannesburg. Maria completed her studies in Business Management MPhil, BCom Honours Statistics, BCom Economics, and holds Certificates in Programme Management M&E, Business Risk Management, and Project Management.

About Liezl

Liezl Conradie is a social worker with a passion for empowering youth, with a special interest in youth transitioning out of care. She holds a B.Psych and Social work degree as well as a Postgraduate diploma in Addiction care from the University of Stellenbosch. Liezl started her career in the United Kingdom where she worked for 4 years and gained valuable experience before she returned to South Africa. Liezl has been working at the Homestead since 2012. She is currently the Programme Manager for the Homestead’s Transitional Program, The LaunchPad as well as the Yizani Drop-in centre manager.

About Nozuko

Nozuko Nothwanya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and is currently finishing her Master’s in Public Administration both from the University of the Western Cape. She is currently working as a the Programme Manager for the Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI), focused on the provision of psychosocial support and family preservation to disadvantaged children and families in Khayelitsha, Manenberg and Valhalla Park. Prior to this she conducted play therapy and counselling for child victims of sexual abuse, bereavement, and trauma counselling. She strongly believes that a safe and conducive family and community makes a well-rounded happy child and therefore a child cannot be “helped ” in isolation.

About Zibele

Zibele Qwemesha is a Registered Social Worker with keen interest in child protection, rehabilitation, child development and staff development. Zibele also has a passion for developing interns, student Social Workers and volunteers. Zibele’s journey with the Homestead started in July 2019 while working as a Social Worker in Town Two in our PEI programme. He then moved to the Khayelitsha CYCC as a Deputy Manager in October 2020 and is currently working as the Acting Programme Manager at the centre.

About Lindani

Lindani has great passion in Accounting and Record keeping for the non-profit sector. He has been working in the sector for over 20 years and developed material in the field of accounting. He also has keen interest in simplifying accounting information for non-finance managers in the sector as well as in helping the sector keep proper accounting records and report timeously. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting, Certificate in Co-operative Management and Administration together with several other training and studies in NGO accounting.