Please help us to give street children a real future:

Thank you for helping to make it possible for the Homestead to help over 150 street children a year, provide 90 street children with residential care, healing, education and development and for helping us to give hope and a future to 250 chronically neglected and abused community children each week.  

Donate Directly into the Homestead Bank Account

You can donate directly into the Homestead bank account from anywhere in the world, using eft, cash, your phone, internet banking or even an ATM.    The Homestead bank details are: 

Account name: The Homestead 

Bank: Absa

Branch code: 632005

Bank Account Number: 4052958568 

Swift number for international donations: ABSAZAJJ


By using Payfast you can donate immediately, safely and directly to the Homestead via the web using your credit or debit card, as well as other ways, including setting up a monthly donation.  

Donate via Snapscan

Please send proof of payment and your contact details to

Sign a Debit Order

The Homestead debit orders are administrated by an external agency that takes all the hassle out of ensuring your debit order is administrated properly.  Please ask for a debit order form: or click here for a copy, sign and return

Donations in Kind

The Homestead benefits from those individuals, companies and community structures that donate goods and services to the Homestead. For instance we receive regular donations of fish from I&J, food from the Table Bay Hotel and Woolworths, companies and individuals donate school items, clothes and shoes for the children, they paint and repair help to maintain our facilities, donate cars, tables and chairs,  and much, much more.

See our current needs list
Donate Shares

The Homestead is registered with SARS as a public benefit organisation PBO 18/11/13/1038 and as such you can donate a financial instrument provided it is a share in a listed company; or a share issued by a“financial institution” and receive a 18a Tax receipt for donations made to the Homestead.  You will also save on Capital Gains tax by donating shares directly to the Homestead. Please contact the Director on 021 4199763 for more details on how to donate shares directly to the Homestead

RSA, USA and UK Tax Exemption Benefits

By donating to the Homestead you can benefit from RSA, USA or UK tax Exemption Benefits

RSA Income Tax Benefits

The Homestead is registered with SARS as a public benefit organisation PBO 18/11/13/1038 and can therefore issue an 18a Tax receipt for donations made to the Homestead in cash, in-kind, via the donation of shares, through our bank account or through Payfast.

Claiming your income tax rebate is a simple process, once you have received your 18a Receipt from us, of clicking on the 18a box and filling in the details while doing your SARS annual efiling return, or simply give it to your accountant to claim. 

The Homestead is also SED-BEEE compliant and can issue a confirmation letter from our Auditors, as well as a confirmation letter for your donation.

Send proof of your donation to, along with your full name and address, and the Homestead will issue you with a valid section 18a Receipt.

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UK Gift Aid Benefits

The Homestead has a partnership with the Dame Hilary Cropper Foundation in the UK who have kindly offered to process UK donations to the Homestead through their foundation.   This means that If you are a UK tax payer and are eligible for Gift Aid, and thanks to the UK tax regime,  the Homestead can claim a further 25% over and above each amount contributed. Please make sure you detail your donations as being for the Homestead

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USA Income Tax Exemption

The Homestead is approved for 501(c)(3) status tax exemption status in the USA only via the American Fund for Charities. The AFC issues a USA Tax Certificate within 5 -10 days for your donation.

For USA tax benefits for your donation to the Homestead simply go to  –  fill in the amount, choose “Homestead Projects for Street Children” and click next. You can also download a donation form from their website if you do not want to do it via their website.

Please note that only donations made to the American Fund of Charities, for the Homestead are eligible for a USA tax exemption certificate. Donations made directly to the Homestead are not eligible for USA Tax exemption.

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