Mandela Day 18 July

This Mandela day, 18th July 2018, you can help street children to complete their own “long walk to freedom”, freedom from street life and hopelessness, by helping to provide street children with shoes and school uniforms.

Helping a street child to reconstruct their life is a long road of stabilization, education, healing and development. There are no quick-fix solutions to years of abuse, neglect and exploitation. In upholding Madiba’s legacy, we aim to parallel the long walk to freedom that neglected children take as we partner with them in restoring their wholeness.


  • No child can attend school without shoes, nor can they keep out the winter cold on their way to school.
  • The Homestead supports 135 street children a year and 250 school dropouts to return to and succeed at school.
  • The Homestead projects work with boys and girls aged 7 to 21. We have 90 boys in residential care and work with chronically neglected boys and girls in the worst communities surrounding Cape Town, as well as with children on the street.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Donate school shoes at R200 a pair.

Collect and donate 2nd hand school shoes and takkies, as well as school uniforms

Help the Homestead to cover the R285 000 it spends on education each year.

Donations of 2nd Hand clothing and shoes can be dropped of at the Homestead HQ: 150 Strand Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town. 021 4199763

General Needs list

SUCCESS IS A REALITY: Andrew Debruin, an ex Homestead Boy, grew up in a very abusive family as well as in abject poverty before eventually moving onto the streets of Cape Town. Eventually Andrew settled at the Homestead, began his schooling and slowly, over the years, put his life together, first becoming interested in cooking as a volunteer in the Kitchens of the Table Bay Hotel, then after completing his schooling starting his formal studies and slowly working his way up through the kitchen ranks. Today Andrew is the Chief Pastry Chef of the Hilton Hotel in Durban, has completed his long walk to freedom away from the streets and is married with two children. His success is emulated by many other Homestead Children who have put their past behind, have overcome street life and who now look forward and enjoy an “empowered” future.

The Homestead Bank Details:
You can donate directly into the Homestead bank account from anywhere in the world, using eft, cash, your phone, internet banking or even an ATM. The Homestead bank details are:
Account name: The Homestead
Bank: Absa
Branch code: 632005
Bank Account Number: 4052958568
Swift number for international donations: ABSAZAJJ


Donate via Payfast

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